Event planning resources and webinars

Macedon Ranges, Pyrenees and Northern Grampians Shire Councils collaborated with regional tourism and event expert Linda Tillman to create a series of webinars and templates for local event organisers.

The webinars and templates are designed to assist event organisers in their event planning.

Event planning

Your Event Management Plan is the manual for your event. This webinar and accompanying template outlines the elements that need to come together to support the event permit process and to ultimately ensure a successful event.


Site planning

Your site plan communicates what your event will look like. This webinar shares some tips and tricks to preparing your site plan with everyday programs.

State Government Planning tool

Introduction to the State Government event planning tools  

The new State Government planning tool will help you create a task list to ensure event compliance.


Social and Environment Event Planning

Event attendees are becoming more conscious about the impact that festivals and events can have on the environment and communities, and are making purchasing decisions accordingly. This webinar provides advice and practical tips on how to minimise the impact of your event on your local community and the environment.

Responsible Event Checklist template(DOCX, 51KB)


Accessible Events

You have a responsibility to ensure your event that can be enjoyed by everyone. This webinar will get you thinking about how to make your event accessible for all.

Risk and Emergency planning

Risk Planning

Risks are inherent in everything we do. A good risk plan considers all the potential risks associated with your event and outlines practical ways to mitigate or eradicate them. This webinar talks through the process of developing a robust risk plan for your event.

Risk Management Plan(DOCX, 461KB)


Emergency Planning

No one wants an emergency at their event, but they can and do happen. By considering what these emergency situations could be for your event, and putting plans in place now, your event team will be prepared should an emergency occur. This webinar outlines how to consider potential risks and processes for managing them effectively to reduce any impact on your event.

Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan(DOCX, 337KB)

Marketing and social media plans

There are many varied ways to market your event and often small budgets mean it is very hard to determine where to focus resources to get the word out about your event. This webinar outlines practical tips on how to take a more focused and targeted approach to event marketing, to ensure increased outcomes.

Event teams and succession planning

It takes a team to plan an event. This webinar provides a tried and tested structure for building event teams that will support your event now and into the future.

Grants and Sponsorship

Managing grants and sponsorship is an important element of event planning. These templates are designed to help you successfully manage sponsorship and grants for your event.

Evaluating your event and Visitor Survey

Event Visitor Survey

An event visitor survey is a great way to help you understand what did and didn't work for your event. Survey information can measure your event's success and help guide future planning and growth.

Survey data will also support future grant applications, providing meaningful data to quantify positive economic outcomes and attendee satisfaction.

Council's template event visitor survey provides common questions to measure event performance. Please amend appropriately to suit your event.

Evaluating your event