Register your pet

As per the requirement from the Domestic Animals Act 1994, your cat or dog must be microchipped and registered with Council by three months of age. 

If you adopt a dog from a registered animal shelter anywhere in Victoria, the initial registration fee is only $19. If you adopt a cat, there is no initial registration fee. Proof of adoption and evidence that you have updated the microchip details to show you as the rightful owner should be provided with your registration form. 

If you have recently moved to Macedon Ranges Shire and your pets were registered in your previous Council, you will need to contact Council to register your pet.

New pet registrations

Register your pet online

Complete a New pet registration

Register your pet at a Council office or via post 

For more information, or to request a hard copy form, contact one of our Customer Service Centres

Renew your pet registration

Registration renewals are due by 10 April each year. A renewal form is posted out to owners of registered pets each year before the due date. If you prefer to receive your animal registration via email, you will need to set this up via the enotices option found on your current year animal registration renewal.  

Renew your registration

Fees and charges

The below registration fees are applicable for the registration period from 10 April 2024 to 9 April 2025 (please note applications received from now onward, will be renewed until 9 April 2025.


 Fee type Fee

Entire dog


Entire dog with concession*


Desexed dog fee


Desexed dog fee with concession*


Initial Shelter Adoption $19

Working dog


Working dog with concession*


Dog over 10 years


Dog over 10 years with concession*



$550 (pensioner discount not applicable)

Menacing or restricted breed

Menacing or restricted breed with concession*


Guard dog

$198 (pensioner discount not applicable)

Assistance dog

No charge


 Fee Type Fee

Entire cat fee


Entire cat fee with concession*


Desexed cat - initial registration no charge

Desexed cat fee


Desexed cat fee with concession*


Cat over 10 years


Cat over 10 years with concession*


Other fees 

 Fee Type Fees

Transfer from another shire (current registrations only)


Fee descriptions 

Full fee (with or without concession)

Applies if your pet does not fit into one or more of the discounted fee categories outlined below. If you own an animal that has not been microchipped as a result of veterinary advice, you may still be eligible for the reduced fee. Contact us on (03) 5422 0333 for more information.

Desexed cat - initial registration

From July 2018, Council introduced a new initiative to waive the initial registration fees for desexed cats. Proof of desexing should be provided with your registration form.

Discounted fee (with or without concession)

To be eligible, your pet must be microchipped and one or more of the following (proof required):

  • registered with an approved animal organisation such as the Victorian Canine Association or FCC
  • desexed
  • over 10 years old.


*To be eligible for a concession you must provide proof of a current pension card. Health Care cards and student cards are not accepted.

Partial registration fee

For new pet registrations submitted between 1 January and 9 April you may be eligible for a discounted registration fee as set by Council.

Registration renewals will be charged at the full registration fee.

Working Dogs

To be eligible for a reduced registration fee you must engage in primary production as your primary source of income.  Your dog must herd, drove, protect, tend or work stock on land used solely or primarily for primary production.

Assistance Dog

Assistance dogs are now exempt from local Council registration. Refer to the Assistance Dog Registration scheme for eligibility. 


Greyhounds and registered racing dogs

If you own a greyhound as a pet, normal registration requirements apply. If your greyhound is registered with Greyhound Racing Victoria, it doesn’t need to be registered with the Council.

Note: Owners of registered racing dogs may be required to obtain a planning permit if multiple dogs are kept on a private property. Contact us on (03) 5422 0333 to discuss your situation.

Dangerous, menacing or restricted breed dogs

If you own a dog that has been declared dangerous, menacing or restricted breed you must declare this at the time of registration. Heavy penalties apply for owners who fail to declare this information or do not comply with the obligations and responsibilities outlined in the Domestic Animals Act 1994 

Update your animal's registration details

Change of address or phone number

If are moving home or your contact details have changed, please let us know so that we can update our records.

There are a number of ways to let us know:

Remember to also change your details with Microchips Australia. You can do so by contacting Central Animal Records on (03) 9706 3187.

Replacement Tags

You can obtain a replacement tag from any Council Office during business hours.

Replacement tags cost $9.00.

Dogs and Cats are required to wear tags whenever they are outside of their owner's premises.

These tags also make it easier to return lost or injured pets to their owners. 

Deceased animals

If your dog or cat has passed away and you have received a pet registration renewal notice, please complete and return the slip on the back of the notice so that we can update our records.

Alternatively, you can call us on (03) 5422 0333 or email