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The Ash Wednesday Park Master Plan provides guidance for future development of the park and the public open space towards Jubilee Hall.

The master plan considers the preservation of the natural environmental attributes, capturing and showcasing the history of the park which encompasses Indigenous heritage/culture, Ash Wednesday fires, and the connectivity between points of interest (train station, public toilets, Jubilee Hall, primary school, Macedon township and Mount Players Theatre), and the park.

The plan was adopted by Council on 1 May 2020. Stage one is currently in development.

Master Plan(PDF, 4MB)


An Environmental Management Plan that has been prepared for the reserve. The main focus of the EMP is on identifying its ecological values, understanding its history and the impacts that has had, documenting the restorative work undertaken and providing recommendations to enhance the ecological values of the reserve.

Our Disability Action Plan, which is incorporated into the Council Plan 2017-2027, focuses on how we are:

  • reducing barriers for people with disabilities when accessing goods, services and facilities
  • reducing barriers for people with disabilities obtaining and maintaining employment
  • promoting inclusion and participation in the community for people with disabilities
  • changing attitudes and practices that discriminate against people with disabilities.

More information about the development of the Disability Action Plan is provided in the community consultation report(DOCX, 2MB)community consultation report(PDF, 659KB)

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