Laws and regulations

Rules and Regulations for Activities on Council Land

Council Land covers bushland, bush reserves, roadside reserves, roadside and footpath trading area, parks and recreation reserves, parking, and more. 

Under the Local Government Act 1989 (Victoria), Council has the authority to create and enforce local laws relative to Council Land.  Currently Council has adopted four local laws.

These Local laws are intended to protect public health, safety and amenity throughout the shire. The laws are made in consultation with the community to deal with local issues and to meet local needs. They also assist Council in carrying out its functions and powers when it comes to

  1. Building structures,
  2. Developing Bike Paths,  
  3. Graffiti,
  4. Fencing on Council Land,
  5. Lighting Fires,
  6. Camping,
  7. Events and Signage,
  8. Animal Keeping,
  9. Dogs off Leash areas,
  10. Roadside and Footpath Trading.

Council’s local laws include offence provisions and a breach of these provisions may result in issuing of legal notices to comply, infringements and /or prosecution.  For an in-depth understanding of the Councils Local Laws, please click on this link.

For further information, please contact the Council Customer Service Office on 03 5422 0333 or