Rural addressing

To ensure that properties in rural areas are easy to find, Council uses a standard called Rural Road Numbering for identifying properties on a rural road.

This is particularly important in emergency situations when time is critical and emergency services are trying to locate your property.  

A rural road number is made up of an address number, road name and location. Each number is based on the distance of your property’s entrance from the start of the road.

You must ensure that your rural road number is displayed clearly at the entrance to your property. You should also make sure that you’ve advised family, friends, insurers and the tax office of your rural road number.

We will provide details of your allocated number to Australia Post, Telstra, the Electoral Commission, Land Tax Office and electricity, gas and water authorities.

Obtaining a rural road number

If you are building a new home and have constructed your driveway and/or entrance to your property, you must complete a rural address application form(DOCX, 152KB) / rural address application form(PDF, 213KB).

We will then allocate your rural road number and you will need to purchase the appropriate reflective numbers.

You should also apply for a number if you have never had one before or have altered the original entrance point to your property.