Building forms and fees


The cost of a building permit varies depending on what it is you want to do and the cost of building work.

The fee list below should be used as an indication only. Quotes are available for larger projects.

Fees are calculated based on the cost of building work (CBW) which must be accurately calculated in accordance with Section 205H of the Building Act 1993 and must include the cost of all labour and materials.

All fees include GST, where applicable.

Contact our building unit on (03) 5422 0333 for any fee information.

As at 1 July 2019 changes to the building permit and levy laws have been made by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).  These changes include:

  • Building permit numbers to be issued by the VBA before the Building Surveyor may issue a Building permit.
  • A new duty on owners to notify VBA of revised final cost of work.
  • VBA will generate the building levy request (which is now payable by the Applicant) and payable directly to the VBA.

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New buildings, additions/alterations, sheds, carports and verandahs (plus levy and lodgement fee)

Type of work

Permit fee

New dwelling, units, dwelling addition, shed, carport, verandah, pool and spa

Owner builder up to $1,000,000

$575 + (CBWx0.005)

New dwelling, units, dwelling addition, shed, carport, verandah, pool, spa and demolition

Registered builder up to $1,000,000

$525 + (CBWx0.004761)

Apartments, offices, shops, factories, warehouses and public buildings

Up to $1,000,000

$1200 + (CBWx0.006666)

Fences including pool safety barriers and retaining walls

$400 + (CBWx0.006666)

House Relocation/Re-erection $1250 + (CBWx0.005)

Other fees and requests


Permit fee

Property information request—Regulation 51 (1), (2) or (3)


Variation to a building permit - plus levy

$250 + (CBWx0.005)

Extension of time
(One year)


Request a copy of plans and permits


Additional inspections  $190 

Government levy and lodgement fees



Lodgement fee


Building Permit Levy: where cost of work is over $10,000

$1.28 per $1,000

Matters requiring Council report and consent



Building Regulations
Siting, Flooding, Projections and Build Over Street


Protection of Public $294.71

Demolition Consent