Managing noise at your event

When organising an event, you must ensure that any noise generated by your event does not impact on residents or animals living nearby.

You must complete the Event Permit application form and tell us:

  • when the noise will start and finish
  • what type of noise your event will make (for example, an amplified bass guitar noise will carry further than an acoustic folk band)
  • what direction any speakers, amplifiers and PA systems will be pointed.

If your event requires a planning permit, there will be noise restrictions included as part of the permit.

You may also need to do a letter drop to advise local residents in advance. Loud noises such as fireworks can cause distress to dogs and horses and owners may need to secure their animals to protect them from harm.

Victoria Police also have a role to play in noise control in neighbourhoods and commercial precincts after midnight. It is recommended that you notify your local police station about your event so that they are aware of what is planned.