Object to a planning permit application

Any person who may be affected by the grant of a planning permit can lodge an objection. You do not need to have received notice of an application, or live adjacent to the land. Occupiers of property (such as those renting their home) have the same right to object as owners.


It is important to ensure that you clearly understand the application prior to objecting. 

If public notice (advertising) was required, the application documents will be available on our Statutory Planning online advertising register during the 14 day advertising period.

If the application documents are not available online, you can view all current planning applications at our Gisborne Administration Centre during our office hours 8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Inspect the application documents and plans carefully to see what is proposed. If you are having trouble understanding the application we can help. Call us on (03) 5422 0333; quote the application number and ask to speak to the allocated Planning Officer.


Council must consider any objection that we receive prior to making a decision on the application. 

If public notice (advertising) is required for an application we cannot make a decision (e.g. issue a permit) until at least 14 days after notice is given. So if you submit your objection during the 14 day advertising period, it is certain to be considered. 

If you submit your objection after this period we will still consider it if a decision has not yet been made. However, there is a risk we will decide the application before you lodge your objection.


Objection to a Planning Permit Application(DOCX, 200KB) / Objection to a Planning Permit Application(PDF, 318KB)

To object please complete this form and email to mrsc@mrsc.vic.gov.au. You can also submit by post or in person, or electronically through the Statutory planning online register during the advertising period.

Objections are not confidential. You should assume that the permit applicant will read your objection. Objections must also be made available on request to any person during the processing of an application.

The Privacy Collection Notice on the application form explains who will be able to access your personal information.


We will register your objection and send you an acknowledgement letter. 

Negotiating with the applicant

The applicant and/or Planning Officer may contact you regarding your objection. The applicant may attempt to address your concerns, possibly by offering to make changes to the proposal.

Any negotiations are voluntary; you are not obliged to communicate with the applicant. However, in some cases the negotiation process can result in an outcome that is beneficial to you.

Withdrawing your objection

If you no longer object, you can withdraw your objection by notifying us of this decision in writing. Important: if you withdraw you will no longer be part of the application and lose your rights to speak at any submitters meeting or to later request a review at VCAT.

Submitters meeting

In some cases, the application can be called-in for decision by Councillors. If this is the case, Council will first hold a Submitters Delegated Committee Meeting. This provides all objectors, as well as the permit applicant, an opportunity to speak to Councillors before they make their decision at a later meeting.

Deciding the application

Your objection will be considered when making a decision. If Council supports the application we will issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit. If we do not support the application we will issue a Notice of Refusal to Grant a Permit. Objectors will be sent a copy of the decision.

VCAT review

If you do not agree with our decision to grant a permit you can request a review of the decision at VCAT. 

If the applicant does not agree with our decision to refuse the application, they can request a review of the decision at VCAT. If you have objector review rights, you will receive notice of any VCAT proceeding.

More information: VCAT Review Applications