Roadside and Footpath Trading

If you run a business and would like to place goods, signs and/or outdoor eating areas on Council land or footpaths, you must have a current Roadside and Footpath Trading Permit. Permits are renewable annually by 31 August.

Roadside and Footpath Trading Policy

The Roadside and Footpath Trading Policy provides guidance to individuals, businesses and organisations seeking to place temporary items on roads including footpaths for the purposes of footpath trading. 

COVID-19 support measures

If you have already returned your Roadside and Footpath Trading Permit renewal but would like to amend your application, please complete the Amended Permit Application(DOCX, 241KB) / (DOCX, 241KB)Amended Permit Application(PDF, 710KB).

We have also created a letter for gaining approval from neighbouring premises(PDF, 188KB) during the COVID-19 recovery period, and a footpath trading plan template(DOCX, 243KB) that you may wish to use to show how you intend to utilise the Council space outside your, and/or your neighbouring premises. These forms are designed to assist you with ensuring all parties are happy with the proposed outcome, and to ensure Council can familiarise and approve the placement of goods outside of your premises, and/or your neighbouring premises. That said, we will be happy with any type of footpath trading plan, hand-drawn, ruler, schematic, anything you provide is greatly appreciated.

Your responsibilities

Public safety, amenity, and vision for motorists and cyclists must be taken into consideration. See Section 5 of Council's Local Law No. 10(DOCX, 2MB) / Local Law No. 10(PDF, 1MB) and Vision Australia Policy

You must:

  1. Have and submit proof of a current public liability insurance policy of no less than $10 million.
  2. Submit a detailed plan of where items are to be displayed.  A blank footpath trading plan template(DOCX, 243KB) is available to assist you.
  3. Comply with the permit requirements
  4. Comply with the requirements set out in the Roadside and Footpath Trading Policy and all other Council Policies
  5. Comply with any other requirements set out in the Local Law
  6. Renew your permit annually before 31 August.

Failure to adhere to the above requirements may result in permit refusal or revocation.

Permit types and fees

Check our Permit Fees page for applicable fees. 

Apply for or renew a permit

To apply for a permit, complete a Roadside and Footpath Trading application form(DOCX, 243KB) and return it to Council in person or by mail, along with your proposed footpath trading plan and a copy of your current public liability insurance.

To renew a permit, fill out the renewal form which is sent to you, and return it to Council along with a copy of your footpath trading plan and a copy of your current public liability insurance. 

You can pay your renewal fee:

  • Online: Pay online by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only)
  • In person: Council Service Centres by cash, cheque or EFTPOS
  • By post: Post your renewal notice and credit card details or cheque/money order (made payable to Macedon Ranges Shire Council) to PO Box 151, Kyneton, VIC 3444.