Protecting our waterways

If you are a landholder with a waterway running through your land, you have a role to play in protecting water quality.

The hard hooves of animals such as sheep, cattle and horses can erode riverbanks, cause damage to habitats and reduce water clarity by disturbing the riverbed. Livestock waste is a source of water pollution that can threaten human health and the health of all aquatic species.

As a landholder, you can improve water quality by:

  • providing livestock with a source of drinking water away from waterways
  • fencing along waterways to prevent livestock entering waterways and dams
  • revegetating your property along the waterway to stabilise topsoil, slow runoff and improve native habitat.

Creek Stories

Creek Stories is a project of the community environment groups of Gisborne, Riddells Creek and Macedon, managed by Riddells Creek Landcare. All the creeks profiled within the Macedon Ranges are at the top of the Maribyrnong River, mostly in the Jacksons Creek Catchment, and one in the Deep Creek catchment. Creek Stories can help you locate your local creek and the people looking after them.  

Programs to support waterway health

Depending the catchment area you are located in, you may be eligible for funding to help manage the waterways under your care. There are a number of funding options listed on our Biodiversity conservation incentive programs page.

Our Sustainable land management page has up to date information on current workshops in the shire that may be of interest.