Fundraising activities

You must obtain a permit for fundraising activities on Council land (including selling raffle tickets).

Please complete a General Permit Application

What do I need to provide as part of the application?

  • $10 Million Public Liability Insurance – Certificate of Currency showing dates of coverage
  • Written approval from the business or proprietor you are intending to trade in front of
  • Aerial view map indicating where you plan to conduct your trading from
  • Payment of the Applicable Fee

Please allow a minimum of four weeks for applications to be considered.

Council land includes footpaths, road reserves, parks and recreation reserves. You do not require a permit for undertaking fundraising activities on private property such as inside a shopping centre, however approval is required from centre management.

Note: permits will only be given to a recognised charity or community group in accordance with Council’s Community Local Law 2023(PDF, 2MB) and permit fees apply.