Events on a road

An activity on a road permit is required for your event if you are holding it on a road and it may have an impact on road users, residents and businesses in any way, including:

  • a sporting event—including not-for-profit runs, cycling races and horse endurance rides
  • a festival
  • a street parade/march
  • a street party
  • an official opening
  • filming
  • a public rally
  • a cycling tour
  • any event that involves partially or completely closing a road temporarily.

Applying for a permit

Please read the Activity on a Road Permit policy before applying. The Event permit / Activity on a road permit application must be submitted to us at least eight weeks prior to your event being held.

Depending on the size and extent of your event, the following documents will be submitted along with the activity on a road permit application:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Traffic Management Plan complying with the Road Safety Traffic Management Regulations 2009 (section 30 to 33)(PDF, 158KB)
  • Event Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Approvals and permits from relevant authorities such as Victoria Police, VicRoads, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, Parks Victoria, and the Department of Transport and Planning.
  • Please note that if your event is on or intersecting a VicRoads arterial road or freeway, you are required to use a pre-qualified traffic management plan contractor.
  • Copies of letters notifying residents, businesses and emergency services of your event, and/or
  • Public notices or media releases

Permit fees


  • Community event: $200
  • Sporting event: $200


  • Sporting event: $750
  • Filming: $750
  • Filming student: No fee

For more information or to discuss your permit application, call (03) 5422 0333 or email


There may be penalties applied for conducting an event/activity on a road without consent of Council and for contravening the conditions of an Activity on a Road permit.

Fines are set in line with the Road Management Act 2004.