Thematic Environmental History

A ‘Thematic Environmental History’ (TEH) is a strategic tool that helps understand the land use development of a municipality. It enriches our knowledge of Macedon Range’s unique and special historical values covering topics like how the environment has driven particular types of industries in specific locations, encouraging groups of people to work or settle here over the last two centuries.

A Thematic Environmental History is a tool used for heritage protection (Heritage Overlays) under the Planning and Environment Act, though it will establish the context of Aboriginal and natural heritage values of the Macedon Ranges. It will assist with prioritising the heritage protection work in the future, so that the focus is directed to those areas where there may be only little or no representation – ‘gaps’ – in the Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme, rather than to areas that are already adequately represented.

A Thematic Environmental History is not a standard history, written chronologically. It is a concise report that works to a framework of nine themes drawn from the Victoria’s Framework of Historical Themes.

The Thematic Environmental History will largely be drawn from published secondary sources such as the legacy heritage studies, Shire of Kyneton Conservation (Heritage) Study 1990 and Macedon Ranges Cultural Heritage and Landscape Study 1994, books published by the historical societies, and pamphlets. Some readily available online material will also be used such as digitised photos and historic newspapers.

Three pieces of work have already been produced by the consultants, GML Heritage, for the project. These have been reviewed by the Macedon Ranges Heritage Council and now wider community comment is sought.

Submissions on the Macedon Ranges ‘Thematic Environmental History’ project have now closed. Community were asked to ‘Have your say’ from 24 August to 23 September 2022.