Fire regulations

Requirements for burning in the open air

Fires can only be lit in the Macedon Ranges shire under certain conditions.  Depending on when you want to burn-off, the size of your land and the amount of vegetation you need to burn, a permit may be required.

If you want to burn in the open air during a declared fire danger period, you need to obtain a permit from the CFA and meet CFA fire restrictions. For more information, see: Burning Off.

You also need to comply with the requirements of Council's Local Law No.10 (available in Word(DOCX, 2MB) and PDF(PDF, 1MB))

You may light a fire without a permit on Council land, a road or a public place where:

  • a fire is in a permanent or portable barbecue used for cooking food
  • the fire is lit by an officer, employee or authorised agent of a public authority in the course of their duty.

We are now in the Fire Danger Period and burning off is not allowed.

You can dispose of green waste for free at our transfer stations.