Malmsbury is small, quiet town with an artistic community, beautiful Botanic Gardens and many significant heritage buildings.

Location and surrounds

Nestled in the valley of the Coliban River and the Malmsbury Reservoir, Malmsbury is surrounded by expansive rural views. It is located just off the Calder Freeway and a 10 minute drive north of Kyneton.

In this small, quiet town you can find beautiful bluestone buildings and historic churches, hotels and mansions. The nearby railway viaduct is an impressive bridge built from local bluestone. It is 149m long, has five arches, and is made from nearly 9,000m3 of solid stone.


Malmsbury was originally established as a service centre for travellers heading for the goldfields. Its rich agricultural land and gold bearing soils made it a thriving town by the mid-1800s.

Bluestone that was abundant in and around Malmsbury, was quarried to build many significant buildings including the National Trust-listed viaduct. Malmsbury’s historic streetscapes maintain a similar appearance today as they did in its earliest years.

The present day

Everywhere you look in Malmsbury today there is art – in the windows of the shops, on the walls of the cafés, and in the open courtyards and gardens, art is a way of life.

The township is also a popular rest stop off the Calder Freeway for those wanting to stretch their legs and enjoy the beauty of the Botanic Gardens or indulge in locally baked goods.


Malmsbury has a primary school and a railway station on the Melbourne-Bendigo line. Council facilities include:

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