Lost and found animals

Occasionally, pets may wander from home and become lost.

It's important to let us know when this happens so we can reunite lost pets with their owners.

If you find a lost animal, call us on (03) 5422 0333.

Found animals

Dogs and cats

If you find a dog or cat out wandering, call Council on (03) 5422 0333

If the dog or cat has no immediate identification, a ranger can check it for a microchip and if it is microchipped, will be able to make contact with the owner. This will improve the chances of the animal not being impounded and assist with a speedy return to the owner.

Owners may receive warnings or fines. Animals that are not microchipped or currently registered with Council will be impounded. Impound fees will most likely apply to the owner.


Council will do what they can to find the owners of wandering livestock. However, if the owner of the livestock cannot be immediately located, the animal/s will be impounded until the owner is found and identification can be made.

Owners may receive warnings or fines. For impounded animals, impound fees will apply for the return of the livestock.

Lost animals

Cats and dogs

If you lose your dog or cat, contact us on (03) 5422 0333 and we will record details such as the colour, gender and breed of your pet to be included in Council's Lost and Found register. We will also record your name, address and contact numbers. These details help to identify the animal and get it back to you as quickly as possible if it is found.

If you think your pet has been impounded by a ranger, contact us on (03) 5422 0333. If your pet is in the Council pound, we will make arrangements with you to release the animal. 

We do not release dogs or cats unless they are microchipped and registered with Council. If your pet is not microchipped, we will arrange for the animal to be microchipped before it is returned to you. If your pet is not registered you will have to register the animal before we return it to you. See our Pet Registration page for registration fees. 

Council also uses the North Melbourne Lost Dogs Home as its pound provider. You should call (03) 9329 2755 or visit their website Lost Dogs or Lost Cats to see if your pet is there. Photos are posted daily for lost dogs and cats in their care. The Lost Dogs Home also provides general information about lost and found pets.

 Council may send your dog or cat directly to the Lost Dogs Home if any of the following apply:

  • your dog has been involved in a serious incident such as an attack or rush
  • the health or welfare of your dog or cat is compromised or is deemed to require special care
  • Council has concerns about the secure confinement of your dog
  • your dog has escaped recently or repeatedly 
  • your cat is subject to a trespass notice
  • Council office is closed e.g. weekends and public holidays 
  • at times of extreme heat, total fire ban and severe or higher fire danger rating
  • if the current owner cannot be identified or readily contacted

You are liable for any vet fees if your pet needs to be treated by a vet. Increased impound fees will apply if your animal is sent to Council's pound contractor. Warnings or fines may also apply. Impound fees will apply. 


If you think your livestock has been impounded by a ranger, call us on (03) 5422 0333. Once it has been decided that your livestock is in the pound, we will make arrangements to release the animal to you.

You are liable for transport fees and any vet fees if your livestock needs to be treated by a vet. Warnings or fines may also apply. Impound fees will apply.

Animal Services After Hours

Council provides a limited After-Hours Service for emergency animal management issues and to reunite identifiable pets. Call us on (03) 5422 0333 to report animal issues such as lost/found animals, dangerous animals, or nuisance animals.

All calls will be prioritised for our officers to respond to accordingly. For non-emergency matters reported outside of normal business hours, the matters may be referred to the Local Laws Team on the next working day.