Filming and photography in the shire

We are a film-friendly region that is willing to work cooperatively with both film applicants and our residents.

If you are filming on public land, you are required to contact Council.

If you are filming on private property, a permit is not required although it would be advisable to check to see if other permits may be needed.


People wishing to fly drones for recreational or commercial purposes require permission from the appropriate land manager.

Additionally, Civil Aviation Safety Authority rules for drone use must be adhered to.

Fees and permissions

People wishing to undertake filming or photography (including the use of drones) in a public space should apply to Council for permission. See section below.

Before applying, applicants should seek in principal support through the appropriate landholder:

Council-managed land (permission required for filming and photography from Council)

Private or public land that is not managed by Council

Council permission is not required although it would be advisable to submit an application (see section below) to see if other permits or permissions may be needed.

Submit your application

Before you begin, make sure you have all supporting documentation ready to upload.

Apply here

Permit timelines

Low-impact photography and filming

For low-impact filming with a team of six or less people (including all production crew and talent) we will respond to your application within five business days.

Medium-to-high impact photography and  filming

Council will acknowledge complex photography and filming requests within five days. A final response will be provided on receiving feedback from all stakeholders.

For more information or to discuss your project and whether you need a permit, email or call (03) 5422 0333.

Filming Approval Act 2014

In August 2014, the Filming Approval Act 2014 was passed to standardise the process for obtaining commercial filming permits on public land, and came into effect 1 March 2015. 

The Act provides a framework for the approval of filming permits, and guidelines that outline eight film-friendly principles for commercial filming on public land across Victoria.