Climate change

What is climate change?

We are currently involved in various projects aimed at mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change in our region.

The term “climate change” refers to changes in climate like increasing temperatures, more frequent extreme weather events and rising sea levels caused by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. While we can avoid the worst effects of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, some impacts are unavoidable and are already occurring.

Regional Climate Adaptation Plan

The Regional Climate Adaptation Plan (2014) identifies risks, vulnerabilities and priority adaptation actions for six partner councils in the Southern Lodden Mallee Region. It complements the Macedon Ranges Climate Change and Adaptation Report.

The plan provides a roadmap for future regional collaborative projects and identifies ways to reduce duplication across local government areas in addressing climate change. It includes:

Preparation of the plan was funded by the Victorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership (VASP) and led by the City of Greater Bendigo.

Macedon Ranges Climate Change and Adaptation Report

In 2012, Council carried out a climate change risk assessment to understand how vulnerable our organisation, local communities and natural environment are to the potential effects of climate change. The result of this work was the Climate Change Adaptation Report in Climate Change Adaptation Report(DOCX, 2MB) or Climate Change Adaptation Report(PDF, 3MB).

The report highlights population growth predictions and emerging trends in employment, education, health, population and industry. It includes details of historic extreme weather events to help us understand the real-life impact of climate change on Council-managed infrastructure and the natural assets of the shire.

It is a valuable reference tool to help build awareness and understanding of climate change in the community. It also identifies many opportunities available to Council to improve the way we do business and better respond to our community’s needs.

Climate Change Action Plan 2017

In June 2016, Council adopted a target to reduce greenhouse emissions from its operations by 25 per cent by 2020–21, from the baseline year of 2014–15. On 28 June 2017, Council adopted its first Climate Change Action Plan to outline how it will meet this target, and how it will support the community in climate change action.

We report on progress to achieve our emissions reduction target in our Annual Environment Report.

Community Climate Action in Malmsbury

Through a series of community events and workshops the Sustainable Malmsbury Action Plan was created. From October 2018 to February 2019 the Malmsbury community were invited to share their ideas about climate change and environmental sustainability.

The Sustainable Malmsbury Action Plan(PDF, 9MB) was created by and for the Malmsbury community. It outlines the sustainability goals along with a set of personal and community actions that can help bring these goals to life.

Sustainable Malmsbury is a living initiative that will continue to evolve. 

Stay connected

For more information contact Silvana Predebon on (03) 5421 9659 or via, or see contact details for community members listed in the Sustainable Malmsbury Action Plan(PDF, 9MB)

Cool Changes

Cool Changes is our program to work with local communities across the shire to facilitate the development of local climate action plans. It has evolved from the successful pilot project, Sustainable Malmsbury.

To help design the implementation of Cool Changes over the next few years, we want to learn more about you and your community's interest to increase environmental sustainability and address climate change in your local area.