Firewood collection

Restrictions for collecting firewood vary depending on the type of land.

Council owned land and road reserves

Permits for collecting firewood from Council land or a road reserve are no longer available.

Under Council’s Community Local Law 2023 (Clause 17. Collecting Wood) unless collecting from a Council designated collection site during designated collection times, a person must not collect or remove wood, including dead trees and fallen branches from Council land or a road.

Other types of public land

The Victorian Government has announced changes to the collection of firewood on public land. The changes are intended to make firewood collection from public land more affordable and straightforward for the community.

Permits - state forests and parks within designated fire collection areas

From 1 September 2011, a permit is no longer required to collect firewood for personal use from public land in state forests and parks within designated fire collection areas. 

For more information, visit Forest Fire Management Victoria

Privately owned land

Fallen timber can be collected from private land without a permit if permission is obtained from the landowner.

Large standing dead trees with a diameter greater than 40cm require a planning permit for clearing.

Illegal collection

Anyone caught breaking firewood collection rules can face on-the-spot fines, fines and/or jail if the matter is taken to court.

Illegal firewood collection should be reported to Council's Local Laws unit on (03) 5422 0333 or Conservation Regulator VIC on 136 186.

Buying wood

Unfortunately there have been reports of suspicious firewood deliveries in the area – often advertised on social media.

If you are planning on buying firewood, make sure you:

  1. ask your firewood seller where the wood they are supplying is sourced from.
  2. ask for a receipt which includes a business name and an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  3. ask about the price if it seems cheap.

More information: Buying firewood