Building Design & Siting

Before you begin building, renovating or restoring a property, it is essential that you find out the different types of building and planning requirements that may apply.

Depending on where you live, the different planning zones and overlays within the shire indicate what the land can be used for or the type of developments that are allowed on your property. Depending on which zones and overlays apply will depend on what type of permit, approval or consent you must have before commencing any works on the property. Download a free property report that outlines planning zones and overlays that apply to your property. See: Property Reports – Land Victoria

There may also be covenants and Section 173 Agreements registered to the property’s title that may restrict the types of building works or land use. Check with the Victorian Land Titles Office to find out about any covenants or Section 173 Agreements that may apply to your property.

For example, in some neighbourhoods:

  • buildings must be constructed from brick, or
  • buildings must be a single storey only, or
  • buildings must be set back a certain number of metres from the property boundary, or
  • the land must be a used for a specific purpose, i.e. residential, business or industrial.

In most cases, even if a planning permit is not required, a building permit may be. See Do I Need a Permit, Approval or Consent? for further information.