Your rates and charges explained


How your rates are calculated

Your rates help to provide almost 100 different services to the Macedon Ranges community.

Each year, through its budget process, Council determines the amount of allowable revenue for the forthcoming financial year, taking into account the Victorian Government’s two per cent rate cap.

This year we will raise $52.3 million from rates and charges to continue to deliver quality services and maintain community facilities. This amount is then divided by the total value of all properties in the shire, which establishes what is called a ‘rate in the dollar’. The rate in the dollar is listed on your rates notice, i.e. General rate, Agricultural land rate, Commercial/Industrial rate, Recreational land rate, Not-for-profit housing rate. The rate in the dollar is then multiplied by the value of your property to determine the amount of your rates. Your property value x rate in the dollar = your rates.

In addition to your rates, there are also charges for garbage, recycling and garden waste collections,  and a municipal charge that is applied to each property to assist Council to recover part of its administrative costs.

How does rate capping work?

Rates charges 

The following charges will appear on your rates notice.

Municipal Charge

This charge covers the cost of core local government functions, such as administering local laws and planning controls; and ensuring there is due and proper governance.

Garbage and Recycling Collection Charge

Only applies to properties that receive the service.

Garden Bin Collection Charge

Only applies to properties that receive the service.

Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Landfill Levy

A levy on each garbage bin applies if you receive the service. Council is required to collect this levy on behalf of the Victorian Government for domestic garbage that is put into landfill facilities (tips). This levy is shown separately on your rates notice, as Council does not benefit from the money collected.

Fire Services Property Levy

The Victorian Government’s Fire Services Property Levy is collected with your Council rates. All revenue collected for the Fire Services Property Levy goes directly to the State Government to help support Victoria’s fire services. Previously fire services were funded by contributions made by the insurance industry and the State Government. Collection through Council rates ensures that Victorian property owners pay a fair contribution to fire services and are not penalised for adequately insuring their property. For more information, visit Fire Services Property Levy

Types of rates

There are three types of rates:

The Business Rate is set at 20 per cent more than the General Rate and the Agricultural Land Rate is 20 per cent less than the General Rate. Note: the Agricultural Land Rate is not applied automatically. For more information, see: Concessions and exemptions