Kyneton Museum

Temporarily closed

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the museum is closed until further notice.

About the museum

The museum collection is housed in a National Trust building that was built in 1856 as a Bank of New South Wales.

There are changing exhibitions in the original banking chamber, and upstairs the bank manager’s residence is preserved in time.

Outdoor exhibits include original bluestone stables, servant's kitchen, laundry and Theaden Cottage.

The museum is also home to a wide variety of carriages and historical agricultural equipment.

Contact us

Call us on (03) 5422 1228 or (03) 5422 0319, or email

The Friends of the Kyneton Museum

The Friends of the Kyneton Museum are a dedicated group of people who work alongside our Museum staff; raising money, initiating projects  and generally assisting with routine maintenance of the Museum property and collection.   

Volunteers at the Kyneton Museum perform at range of tasks from tour guiding to general maintenance of the museum collection.