Setting up temporary seating, stages and marquees

To ensure temporary structures such as seating stands, marquees and stages are safe, you will need to apply for an occupancy permit from the Building Commission if you are setting up any of the following on public or privately-owned land:

  • a seating stand with seats for more than 20 people
  • a marquee, large tent or booth with a floor area over 100m²
  • a stage or platform of more than 150m²

You may still need approval for structures under this size, so it is important that you contact our Building Department on (03) 5422 0333 to check that no other permits or restrictions apply.

You may also need a permit if you plan to use a venue or a public area for any purpose other than for what it was designed. For example: using a public park or oval for a market or festival. 

To find out more about hiring public areas and facilities in the shire, see Community facilities