Amend or extend your permit

Change your approved building plans

If you have obtained a building permit from the Council and need to alter your some of the details eg. builders details or your approved building plans, you can apply to amend your building permit.

If you have engaged a private building surveyor you will need to contact that company.

You will need to provide the amended details and/or a copy of the amended plans along with your application.

If your amended plans include the construction of any new buildings in addition to what was included in the approved plans, you will need to apply for a new building permit for the proposed buildings.

To apply, complete an Amend a Building Permit Application Form MS Word(DOCX, 187KB) or PDF(PDF, 162KB).

Apply for an extension

Your building permit will include commencement and completion dates which all building works must adhere to.

If you are unable to comply with these dates, you can apply for an extension of time so that the works can be completed and the relevant inspections can be carried out before an Occupancy Permit or Certificate of Final Inspection is issued.

If your permit is approaching its expiry date and the building work is not complete, you will need to apply for an extension of time to complete the unfinished work. If the permit expires a new building permit will be required.

To apply for an extension, complete a Extend a Building Permit Application Form MS Word(DOCX, 188KB) or PDF(PDF, 194KB).