Community Vision

Community Vision Statement

“With our unique regional identity, Macedon Ranges Shire embodies a caring, resilient approach to community through our robust local economy, protection of the natural environment and a collaborative commitment to inclusivity for all.”

Developing the Community Vision 

The Community Vision(PDF, 6MB) was developed by residents who formed the Community Vision Assembly in early 2021.

Selected by an independent consultant, 28 Assembly members represented the broad demographics of the community.

They met five times during March and April, with sessions run by professional and independent facilitators.

The Assembly’s task was to carefully discuss and consider the big issues and explore opportunities for our future.

These discussions formed the foundation for the 10-year community vision statement and three main themes for what life could look like in the shire in 2031.

These themes are:

  1. Connecting communities: A connected community is where people have access to the services they need and are empowered to contribute, creating a sense of belonging.
  2. Healthy environment, healthy people: The community prioritises the protection of the natural environment and recreational facilities.
  3. Business and tourism: Business and tourism is about prioritising and promoting the people, resources, services and our regional identity to ensure economic growth.

Council is committed to using the work of the Community Vision Assembly to guide strategies and plans for the future of the shire and to strengthen the relationship with the community.

The closing statement from the Assembly said, “The Community Vision Assembly feels as though this initiative has allowed greater input into the direction of our shire. We believe these recommendations provide a good roadmap to achieving the Macedon Ranges Shire that we envision for our community. We trust that our recommendations will guide Council to realise our vision for the future.”