Find out about laws relating to repairing, selling and/or abandoned vehicles in public places.

Repair or dismantle vehicles on roads

It is illegal to paint, service or carry out maintenance on a vehicle on any public road, Council controlled land or in a public place except if the works are required so that it can be removed.

Abandoned and unregistered vehicles on roads

It is illegal to abandon a vehicle or to park an unregistered vehicle on any public road or Council controlled land. If you do, your vehicle could be impounded, and release fees and infringements may apply.

Report abandoned vehicles online or by calling (03) 5422 0333.

Sale of vehicles

You must not park and advertise a vehicle for sale on a road, Council land, public place or in a car park.

Parking vehicles on roadsides and Council land creates hazards for motorists as it can cause visual distractions and traffic congestion issues. The vehicles can also cause damage to grass, vegetation and tree roots.

Owners of these vehicles may receive on-the-spot infringements of $200. 

Residents are able to advertise the sale of their vehicles, but it must be on their own property or elsewhere.

Motorbikes and other recreation vehicles

Council's Local Laws contain conditions you will need to adhere to if you want to ride a motorbike or other recreation vehicle on your property, or allow another person or persons to do so.

The vehicles must not cause any nuisance to your neighbours whether it is from sound, smell, dust, smoke, soil erosion or any other factor that may cause a nuisance.