Parking limits, permits and fines

Parking rules exist to ensure that people get a fair and equal chance to park, ensure that traffic flows smoothly and reduce any dangers caused by unsafe parking.

The time limits on parking are there to ensure that as many people as possible can get access to the parking area.  Remember to check the time limit in a parking area because if you park longer than allowed, you may receive a fine.

If there is no signage, check whether the area is suitable for parking.  Unsuitable parking areas include parking too close to an intersection, driveway, fire hydrant or school crossing, as well as parking on a nature strip.  If you are unsure of the rules, visit VicRoads’ Safety and Road Rules


Parking fines are dealt with in the same way as other fines issued by Council officers. See Fines and offences for more information about your options if you receive a fine. 

Infringement Penalty Amounts

The Road Safety Act 1986 enables councils to set penalty amounts for specific parking offences at an amount of up to 0.5 of a penalty unit. At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 November 2019, Council set the following penalties for the offences listed in the table below:

 Road Rule Penalty unit
 Road Rule 205 - Parked for period longer than indicated  0.5 penalty unit 
 Road Rule 207(2) - Parked fail to pay and obey instructions on sign  0.5 penalty unit
 Road Rule 201 - Stopped on a bicycle parking area  0.5 penalty unit
 Road Rule 202 - Stopped on a motor bike parking area  0.5 penalty unit
 Road Rule 209(2) - Parked contrary to requirements of parking area  0.5 penalty unit
 Road Rule 210(1) - Parked not at an angle of 45 degrees  0.5 penalty unit
 Road Rule 210(1) - Parked not at an angle of 90 degrees  0.5 penalty unit
 Road Rule 211(2) - Parked not completely within a parking bay  0.5 penalty unit
 Road Rule 211(3) - Parked long vehicle exceed minimum no. of bays  0.5 penalty unit
 Road Rule 211(3) - Parked wide vehicle exceed minimum no. of bays  0.5 penalty unit

All other infringement penalty amounts are set at the relevant amount prescribed in the relevant legislation. 

Accessible Parking Permits

There are many accessible parking bays available throughout the shire. To park in a accessible parking bay, you must display a valid permit visible from outside the vehicle windscreen. Failure to do this may result in a fine.

See Accessible Parking Permits to find out more about applying for a permit.