View planning applications online

If you want to view summary details for applications, you can search our Statutory Planning online Register

You should use this register when you are:

  • Searching for a summary of current and completed applications that were submitted from 1995 onwards
  • Searching for a summary of a new application
  • Searching for an amendment to an application
  • Checking the status of an application.

For all other applications, you will need to complete a Request a Copy of a Planning Permit or Plans Application Form(PDF, 211KB).

Currently advertised applications

You can view our Statutory Planning online advertising register. This register includes the application plans, reports and other attachments only if the relevant permit application status is currently on advertising.

Object to an application

You can also use our Statutory Planning online advertising register to submit an objection/submission to a current application while the relevant permit application status is on advertising.

The Public Notice, plans and any supporting documentation formally advises you of the application and sets out the process for submitting objections and the date the advertising period concludes.

Objections should be received by the date on the Public Notice to ensure their consideration by Council. An objection should directly relate to the use and/or development proposed and its potential impact on you. Any late submission runs the risk of not being considered by Council if the application assessment process has been completed and the application is ready for making a decision or is already determined.