Youth Strategy and Youth Charter

The Youth Charter supports 'Elevate' - Youth Strategy 2018-2028, which guides the programs, initiatives, advocacy and support work for young people and their families.

The strategy was developed in 2017 and adopted by Council in September 2018 with the project led by the shire's young people.

Youth Charter

Young people make up nearly 20% of the population of the Macedon Ranges and are vital members of our vibrant community. The Youth Charter provides a set of guiding principles to Council employees, Councillors and the wider community that highlight Council’s commitment to actively engaging with these young people. Led by representatives of Council’s Youth Ambassador program, the Youth Charter was developed through a series of consultation and engagement activities carried out previously, creating a partnership enshrined in the principles below.  


  1. We are reaching out: Council actively reaches out to young people in order to engage them more fully with a variety of Council departments, events and processes.  
  2. We are inviting in: Council reviews how it presents itself for young people in order to remove obstacles and barriers to connecting with Council.    
  3. We are partners: Council sees young people as valued and necessary partners in the development and success of the community.  
  4. We are equals: Council sees young people, in all their diversity, as equals. As equals, they’re respected, listened to and included in the making of decisions that affect community.      
  5. We are talking: Council keeps an ongoing dialogue with young people. We don’t assume to know what they think, want and need, we ask them.      
  6. We are working together: Council actively supports, empowers and skills young people by working with them. Likewise, Council develops skills, is supported and empowered by working with young people.      
  7. We are adventurous: Council is agile and responsive to fresh ideas and new and unexpected ways of being, doing and engaging with young people.      
  8. We are community: Council recognises that young people are uniquely situated to be a representative force/voice for the whole community.