Activities on Council land

Council owned and managed land is subject to rules and regulations set out in Council's Local Laws. These local laws are intended to protect public health, safety and amenity throughout the shire and are made in consultation with the community. The local laws are used by Council officers to respond to issues and community needs.

Certain activities on Council land are not allowed or may require a permit issued by Council. This section provides key information about restrictions or conditions applying to some of the activities:

Removing or adding to, interfering with, causing damage to or conducting work on Council land (including vegetation)

Common issues our Officers respond to include tree removal, fencing off Council land, building structures on Council land, excavating and landscaping Council land, and storing items on Council land. Doing these things can often restrict public access, negatively impact the environment, and become unsafe. It is important to contact Council before doing these activities to learn what permits may be required or if the activity is prohibited. The types of permits that may be required include a Local Law Permit, an Asset Protection Permit, or a Building Permit in the case of structures. Council officers can provide guidance about your options and how to obtain the appropriate permits.  

Lighting fires (including campfires)

Lighting a fire is not allowed on Council land unless it is in a barbecue. Further information about fire regulations

Camping, caravans, and motorhomes

A permit is required if you want to camp on Council land. You will also need a permit if you want to leave a caravan or motorhome on Council land or a road. This does not apply to land designated for the purpose.  

Shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys must not be left on any land, road, or public place except for in areas designated by the shopping trolley owner (eg. trolley bays in supermarket car parks). Stores that provide shopping trolleys are responsible for ensuring trolleys are not left on public land and shoppers are responsible for returning trolleys to the designated bays.

Officers may take action to remedy unpermitted activities through enforcement and removal of items where required.

For further information, call (03) 5422 0333 or email