Sustainable Design

Around 40% of the world’s energy resources are used in our buildings – both residential and commercial.

Sustainable design is a key priority in the development of today’s built environment. It assists with protecting our environment, secures today's living standards and future-proofs our community against rising energy, water and waste disposal costs.

Using sustainable design principles will save energy, water and money while creating a healthy and comfortable building. Considering environmentally sustainable design principles in the early stage of your development gives you the greatest opportunity to make a sustainable difference and to save the most money.

View our environmentally sustainable design fact sheet(PDF, 8MB) outlining key sustainable building categories.

Sustainability Victoria

The Victorian Government's Sustainability Victoria has a range of information on current rebates, information about saving water and energy and reducing waste. The sustainable design and energy efficiency section provides more specific information on a sustainable approach to building or renovating your home.

Renew (ex Alternative Technology Association)

The national, non for profit organisation Renew provides resources and advice to enable people to live sustainably in their homes and communities

Your Home

An excellent resource for individuals seeking to improve their understanding of environmentally sustainable design concepts and practice. Your Home provides a wide range of advice and design guides for passive design and building.

Includes the Your Home Renovators Guide, Your Home Buyer’s Guide and Your Home Technical Manual. 


Use the free online Tankulator to help you calculate what size rainwater tank best suits your need.


The Sunulator is a free simulation tool that can help you plan for grid-connected solar power. Simulates generation, consumption and battery management data on a half-hourly basis over an entire year and subsequently calculates feasibility over a 30-year time frame.

The Victorian Green Renters Guide

The Victorian Green Renters Guide offers sustainable living tips for renters.