Kyneton Urban Design Framework

An Urban Design Framework (UDF) was prepared for Kyneton in 2008. This UDF was not adopted by Council, but formed part of the background to the 2013 Kyneton Structure Plan.

It has been 12 years since the previous UDF was prepared, and Council is refreshing Kyneton’s UDF. This project will review the actions from the 2008 UDF to see what has been done, what is still relevant, and what else needs to be included in the future.

Users of the town centre – residents, visitors, landowners and business operators – are invited to share ideas and aspirations to guide the look and feel of Kyneton into the future.

Phase 1 consultation closed on 26 February 2021. Thank you to everyone who participated by chatting to the project team, writing to us, or completing a survey. 

Project information is on the Kyneton project page.