Sustainability grants and rebates

Grants and rebates can help you to reduce the upfront expense of installing energy and water saving measures in your home. Reducing energy and water consumption can also reduce the future running costs of your home or business.

Federal and state governments offer a range of rebates and other assistance to help you to live greener.

Australian Government initiatives offers the ability to search for rebates, grants or support according to location or type of rebate.

Clean Energy Regulator is the Government body responsible for administering legislation that will reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of clean energy. It manages programs like The Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme which creates a financial incentive for households and small businesses to install eligible small-scale renewable energy systems such as solar panel systems, small-scale wind systems, small-scale hydro systems, solar water heaters and air source heat pumps. The rebate is determined by the number of Small-Scale Technology Certificates an installation attracts.

Victorian Government initiatives

The state government has several programs that benefit households and businesses while contributing to targets for renewable energy generation and greenhouse emissions reduction. 

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program  provides access to discounted energy saving products and services, enabling householders and small businesses to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The website has information about eligible products and services, and how accredited providers operate to ensure that works undertaken within the program contribute to state government targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions  

Solar Victoria has several programs to assist installation of solar systems or improve energy efficiency, including the Solar panel rebate, Solar battery loans and Hot water rebate.

Sustainability Victoria  delivers a range of programs to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste for households and businesses. For example, information about reducing emissions associated with operation of a business can be found at reducing emissions in business.

Regional programs

MASH (More Australian Solar Homes) was a non-for-profit community solar bulk-buy program that operated in central and northern Victoria from 2015-2022. The findings of a review conducted in 2023 will inform whether a similar or new program will be established in 2024.

More information about grants available to the community can be found at the recently established Macedon Ranges Grants Hub.