Information for new residents

If you are thinking about moving to the shire or have recently made the move, you will find lots of useful information on this website. 

For example, use the My Neighbourhood tool to find out about events, facilities and projects in your local area.

You can also view our guide, 'Living in the Macedon Ranges,' below or contact our customer service team to request a copy. 

Checklist for new residents

If you have recently made the move to our shire, don't forget to:

  1. Update your enrolment details with the Victorian Electoral Commission.
  2. Organise your bin collection: if your property already has a bin collection, you will need to check which day they are collected. If your property doesn't have a bin collection and you would like one, you can register for the bin collection service
  3. Register your dog or cat with Council so you can be reunited if they become lost.
  4. If you have a child under school age, register with your local Maternal and Child Health service. Your child is eligible for free, local health check-ups.
  5. Apply for an accessible parking permit (if you are eligible).
  6. Sign up to our eNews or follow us on social media for updates on what’s happening in the shire.