Energy efficiency

New homes and renovations

If you are planning on building a new home or renovating, you will need to ensure that the project complies with the required Star Rating Standard as per the requirements of the National Construction Code.

Houses with higher star rating levels have better energy efficiency and increase comfort, save money, improve sustainability and better future proof your asset. The Nationwide House Energy Rating is a star rating from 0-10 that measures a buildings energy efficiency based on design.

Projects that do not require a building permit are not required to meet a minimum Star Rating Standard.

For more information, talk to a qualified builder or building designer or see: Victorian Building Authority

Commercial buildings

Energy efficiency requirements also apply to new commercial buildings and those being refurbished, altered or extended.

By improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings, there can be significant savings on energy bills and building maintenance costs.

For more information, see: Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency