C143 - Bunjil Creek

Bunjil Creek bluestone bridge and bluestone channel, Gisborne

Council initiated a Planning Scheme Amendment (C143) in September 2021 to introduce a new Heritage Overlay to protect the Bunjil Creek bridge and bluestone channel. It also proposed to extend an existing Heritage Overlay to protect two oaks and one elm tree that align with the heritage avenue in Howey Reserve, Gisborne.

The amendment was exhibited from 30 September to 12 November 2021. It was then referred to an independent planning panel who considered the amendment through March 2022. 

Project update

Council officers had earlier raised heritage and community concerns over the significance of the site directly with Regional Roads Victoria and the Minister for Planning.

The Minister for Planning did not support Council’s formal request for interim heritage protection based on the heritage values of the bluestone bridge. The process for permanent protection under C143macr was not able to be completed prior to the commencement of works to upgrade the Melbourne Road and Kilmore Road intersection in Gisborne.

As a result, the Bunjil Creek bluestone bridge was dismantled in late March 2022. Regional Roads Victoria employed a qualified stonemason so that undamaged blue stones would be able to be repurposed on the site. 

Map of proposed overlay

C143 Bunjil Creek Howey Reserve - Proposed Heritage Overlay-01-01

Panel Findings and Next Steps

The Panel provided its report to Council on 12 April 2022. The Panel concluded it was “appropriate and justified to apply the Heritage Overlay (HO351) to the Bunjil Creek bridge and channel”. While the bridge has now been demolished, officers will review the C143 Panel report(PDF, 631KB) to determine next steps.

An upcoming Planning Delegated Committee (PDC) will consider the amendment, Panel recommendations and next stage of the project. The item will be listed on the Council Meeting agenda once the PDC date is set.

All submitters will be notified of the outcomes of this meeting and next steps to the project. 

Amendment documents

The relevant supporting documents for this amendment can be found below. The heritage significance of these features is documented in the following adopted assessments:

Macedon Ranges Shire Council has prepared Amendment C143 to implement these assessments through a new Heritage Overlay (HO351) to the Bunjil Creek bridge and bluestone channel and by extending an existing Heritage Overlay on Howey Reserve (HO289) to include two oaks and one elm tree that align with the existing heritage avenue.

Exhibition documents


Incorporated documents

Clauses and schedules

Background documents

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