C117 - Development Plan Overlay Schedule 24

Planning Scheme Amendment C117 applies a Development Plan Overlay Schedule 24 (DPO24) to residential zoned land in Lancefield and corrects a mapping error relating to the township boundary.

The amendment was approved and gazetted by the Minister for Planning on 16 January 2020. We have prepared a fact sheet(PDF, 662KB) regarding the amendment, including maps of the Development Plan Overlay.

Development Plan Overlay

The Lancefield Development Plan Overlay will make sure any future development in Lancefield is coordinated and in keeping with the character of Lancefield.

The Development Plan Overlay was approved and gazetted by the Minister for Planning on 16 January 2020.  The Amendment is a result of over three years of strategic work, including 12 months of consultation with local residents and service authorities. 

The introduction of the Development Plan Overlay was undertaken through Amendment C117 to the Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme.  Full Amendment documentation can be found through the Department of Transport and Planning.

The Amendment applied the Development Plan Overlay – Schedule 24 to three large residentially zoned areas in Lancefield at risk of inconsistent development priorities.  The Amendment also seeks to coordinate infrastructure delivery.     


Planning objectives for Lancefield

One of the key issues for Lancefield, identified under Clause 21.13-8 of the Planning Scheme, is to maintain the town’s characteristics. Key objectives/strategies to achieve this include:

  • (Objective 2) to retain the established urban form and heritage character including the street design and grid layout

  • (Strategy 2.4) to ensure new development respects the principles of the original settlement, including grid street patterns, wider road reserves in key access streets, use of soft engineering solutions, and street tree planting consistent in pattern and structure with older parts of the town.

Areas that are the subject of the Development Plan Overlay

The three areas are identified on the concept plans(DOCX, 3MB) and referred to as:

  • Area 1 (Western Precinct): North of High Street, includes a mix of General Residential Zone fronting High Street and Low Density Residential Zone extending to the northern town boundary. The land is in a small number of ownerships, across 7 properties.
  • Area 2 (Central Precinct): Located north of Noel Street, zoned part General Residential Zone and part Low Density Residential Zone. The land is in multiple landownerships.
  • Area 3 (Eastern Precinct): Located east of Melbourne-Lancefield Road and south of Kilmore-Lancefield Road, the land is zoned Low Density Residential Zone and in a mixture of one large ownership and a number of fragmented land ownerships.

Concept plans

In 2017 Council prepared three draft concept plans with input from Council departments and external servicing/planning authorities, including Melbourne Water, Western Water, VicRoads and the Department of Transport and Planning. Following community consultation on the draft concept plans, Council officers prepared a draft Development Plan that was presented to Council at its meeting on 18 April 2018.

For more information, call Strategic Planning on (03) 5422 0333 or email strategicplanning@mrsc.vic.gov.au