Council meeting dates

On Thursday 23 April 2020, the Victorian Parliament passed a new Bill that allowed councillors to attend a Council meeting by electronic means of communication during the ongoing coronavirus COVIC-19 pandemic.

To view livestreamed meetings, see: Council meetings livestreamed. A recording of the livestream will be available following the meeting.

Meeting dates may be added or changed throughout the year. 

To understand how Council meetings are run, including the difference between a scheduled Council meeting, an unscheduled Council meeting, and a submitters delegated committee meeting, see Council Meetings.



Type of meeting


23/11/2020 Scheduled Council 6pm
25/11/2020 Scheduled Council 6pm
2/12/2020 Submitters Delegated Committee* 6pm
16/12/2020 Scheduled Council 7pm
13/01/2021 Submitters Delegated Committee* 7pm 
27/01/2021 Scheduled Council 7pm
10/02/2021 Submitters Delegated Committee* 7pm
24/02/2021  Scheduled Council 7pm 
10/03/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee* 7pm
24/03/2021  Scheduled Council 7pm
14/04/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee*  7pm 
28/04/2021  Scheduled Council 7pm
12/05/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee* 7pm
26/05/2021 Scheduled Council 7pm
9/06/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee*  7pm
23/06/2021  Scheduled Council 7pm
7/07/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee*  7pm 
28/07/2021  Scheduled Council  7pm 
11/08/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee* 7pm
25/08/2021  Scheduled Council   7pm 
8/09/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee*  7pm 
22/09/2021  Scheduled Council   7pm 
13/10/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee* 7pm 
27/10/2021  Scheduled Council   7pm 
10/11/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee* 7pm 
24/11/2021 Scheduled Council   7pm 
1/12/2021  Submitters Delegated Committee* 7pm 
15/12/2021  Scheduled Council   7pm 

 * Submitters Delegated Committee meetings are only held when required and a meeting agenda will be available to download from 5pm on the Friday before the meeting. See Minutes and Agendas.