Order bins and bin charges

Moving house and need bins?

Have you built a new house?

New residential property owners can order a new set of bins by providing Council with a copy of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Simply email a copy of your certificate to mrsc@mrsc.vic.gov.au or visit a Council Service Centre

Bins can only be ordered by the owner of the property once you have finished building, provided a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy and have had the property rated by Council. 

Once the order is placed, bins will be delivered during the next two collection days in your area, and they must be moved inside the property boundary as soon as possible.

The charges will be applied to your rates, from date of delivery.

We do not provide skip bins or hard rubbish collections.

Are you renting or have purchased an existing house?

If you have recently moved house and there are no bins at the property, please let us know by calling (03) 5422 0333 or report it online

Opt-in to the four bin waste service?

If you are a rural property owner located outside the kerbside collection service area and wants to opt-in to the four bin waste service, please complete the kerbside collection service request form(DOCX, 157KB) / kerbside collection service request form.(PDF, 175KB) Your application will be reviewed and a member of our resource recovery team will contact you. 

The current annual fee for the four bin service is $498.
See annual fees and charges for more information.

Annual fees and charges

The annual waste service charge is the fee each property-owner pays for the kerbside waste collection and processing provided by Council. Fees apply to both residential and commercial properties. All Council fees and charges are reviewed annually as part of Council's budget process,

The waste service charge is calculated to cover the full cost of collecting all household waste, as well as bulk clean-ups, waste processing/disposal, landfill, education, communications, illegal dumping, provision for future waste service planning, new technologies and associated services. The charge is calculated in line with changes to the recycling market and EPA landfill levies.

Council does not profit from this charge and all money goes into the provision and improvement of waste services.

Bin service Annual fee (2021/22 financial year)
Four bin service:
  • General waste (140 litre)
  • Recycling (240 litre)
  • Glass-only (140 litre)
  • Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) - (240 litre)         

*General waste bins incur an EPA Landfill Levy of $33, which is included in the prices above.

The four bin kerbside collection service is our standard bin service offered shire-wide.

Order an extra or larger bin

If you regularly overfill your bins, you can:


Bin type

Annual fee

General waste (140 litre)


Glass-only (140 litre)


FOGO (240 litre)


 Recycling bin (240 litre) $113 

* General waste bins incur an EPA Landfill Levy of $33, which is included in the prices above.