Bin liners (FOGO)

To start the new FOGO service, 7-litre kitchen caddies, a year's worth of caddy liners, and information packs were delivered to residential and most commercial properties. If you haven't received caddy/liners, call us on (03) 5422 0333.

Hospitality businesses can pick up a year's supply of 240-litre wheelie bin liners (instead of the caddy and liners) from our customer service centres or transfer stations. Hospitality businesses indicated, when asked by Council, that a liner for the 240-litre bin was more appropriate than the 7-litre kitchen caddy.

These items are only free at the start of a FOGO service.

What type of bags/liners can you use?

Plastic bags and bags labelled ‘biodegradable’ are not suitable for use with your FOGO service as they do not break down in the composting process and will contaminate the compost.

Bags that are certified compostable and labelled AS4736 or AS5810, and/or feature these symbols may be used.

Compostable home symbol Compostable symbol

You may choose not to use liners and empty all organic waste directly into the bin to save time and cost of liners.

You may also choose to line your caddy with paper towel or newspaper, or if you are not using a caddy, you can use paper towel or newspaper to wrap your waste before placing it in the bin.

Need replacement caddy or liners?

Replacement liners and additional caddies are available for purchase from your local transfer station and from our customer service centres.



240 litre FOGO bin liners* (x1 roll of 12)


8 litre Caddy liners* (x1 roll of 150)


Caddy (x1 7-litre)


*These liners are made of corn starch and vegetable oils and will break down in around 30 days when commercially composted. Store your liners in a dry, cool, dark place.