Bin clips and preventing litter

Littering is illegal and offenders can be prosecuted under the Environment Protection Act 2017. 

If you have waste that can't go in your household bins or a public street bin, you may be able to take it to a local resource recovery facility.

To find out where to dispose of particular types of waste, see our A-Z Waste Index.

If you see anyone littering, report it by contacting us on (03) 5422 0333 or report an issue.

Bin clips

If the litter has spilled from your bins, you must remove it from the road or any Council land. To prevent this situation, bin clips can be used.

Bin clips:

  • are easy to use
  • help you secure bin lids during strong winds
  • prevent animals from getting into your rubbish

The clips release automatically when emptied into the collection trucks.

How to use?

Watch the video below to learn the step-by-step instruction to put the clips on.

Need clips?

Bin clips are available for purchase from our customer service centresresource recovery facilities or online store. The price of a clip is $20.

Litter on building sites

Builders and owner-builders must take measures to ensure that litter, debris and other waste is contained on the building site to the satisfaction of Council.

Builders and landowners who do not effectively manage waste and litter on building sites may be fined. Council's Local Laws Officers work closely with the Environment Protection Authority's Officers to tackle building waste issues in the shire.

Extract from Community Local Law 2023

31. Building Site Amenity

The owner of a building site or a person in charge of building works on a building site must ensure that prior to commencing building works the building site has in place:

(a) sanitary facilities to the satisfaction of the Authorised Officer;

(b) an adequate refuse facility that contains all building rubbish on the site to the satisfaction of the Authorised Officer;

(c) adequate fencing within the perimeter of the building site to the satisfaction of the Authorised Officer;

(d) a sign at the main entrance to the building site which:

(i) is at least 600 millimetres in height and 400 millimetres in width;

(ii) is placed in a location which is clearly legible in normal lighting conditions from the road immediately adjacent to the front boundary and contains the lot number as described in the relevant certificate of title; and

(iii) identifies the name, postal address and the 24 hour contact number or numbers of the person in charge of the building work.

32. Refuse on Building Sites

During the course of carrying out building works, the owner of the building site, person in charge of carrying out the building works, and each employee, agent, contractor or sub-contractor of the builder must ensure that:

(a) a suitable refuse facility is placed on the building site for the deposit of building refuse;

(b) the refuse facility is designed and constructed so as to prevent any building refuse within the refuse facility being blown out of it;

(c) the lid on the refuse facility remains closed at all times except when placing building refuse within it;

(d) the refuse facility is emptied immediately once it becomes full or at the discretion of an Authorised Officer;

(e) all wind blown building refuse created or accumulated on the building site is deposited into the refuse facility upon the building refuse being created or accumulated;

(f) the refuse facility is removed from the building site within 7 days of the cessation of building work;

(g) all materials and refuse for or from the building site are contained within the building site; and

(h) any vehicle exiting the building site does not carry any mud or slurry onto the adjoining or nearby road. 

Rubbish dumping

Dumping rubbish is illegal, costly and dangerous to the community. Research conducted by EPA’s Illegal Dumping Strike Force program has shown that on average, each council is paying around $76,000 a year to clean up dumped rubbish.

The majority of rubbish dumped in the shire could have been taken to a resource recovery facility for free.

Illegal dumping can range from a single bag of household rubbish to larger household items such as TVs, electronic waste, furniture, mattresses, industrial waste, construction and demolition materials, garden waste, packaging, tyres, old cars and soil.

Fines will apply to anyone caught dumping and you could also be issued with an environmental protection notice.

Report illegal dumping by contacting us on (03) 5422 0333 or report an issue. Or call 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).

If you find dumped rubbish, do not touch or interfere with it. It could contain dangerous industrial waste or disease and result in infection or poisoning. If rubbish has been left for a period of time, it may also harbour rodents or snakes.

Street and park bins

Excalibur Services is contracted by Council to empty and clean street and park litter bins. Illegal dumping should be reported to the EPA.

The service schedule varies for different locations based on the amount of litter generated. Street bins on main streets in larger townships are emptied daily. We can increase the frequency should there be a demonstrated need or a planned event. Street bins are cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the year.

If a street or park litter bin is full, smelly or dirty we can arrange for the bin to be cleaned and emptied.

To report an issue with a bin, call customer service on (03) 5422 0333 and provide the following information:

  • exact location of bin
  • nearest cross street
  • section of park

Transporting waste

If you are transporting any waste (e.g. manure, dead animals or animal remains) the vehicle must be constructed, fitted, loaded and covered to prevent anything from spilling or leaking, including offensive odours.

Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria

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