Missed bin collections

Before reporting that your bin was not emptied, check the following:

  • Bins have been placed out by 6am or the night before your collection day. Trucks do not return to collect bins that were not placed out in time.
  • Bins have been placed close to the road in a safe location, with handles facing towards your property.
  • Bins are at least one metre apart.
  • Bins are not overfull. The lid must close with no obstructions on top.
  • Bins are not obstructed by a parked vehicle on the day of collection.
  • Bins have not been placed under or close to a tree, power pole, street sign or fire hydrant.
  • Bins are not contaminated. If your bin has been tagged as contaminated, refer to the instructions on the tag or visit bin inspections for more information.
  • A bin is not classified as a missed bin till 6pm on the scheduled day of collection.
  • Council will not collect a missed bin more than 48 hours after the scheduled collection day. Bins must be returned to the property within 48 hours after a scheduled collection day.

If the truck has collected part of your street and left the area, it may be full and needs to unload before it can continue the collection. The contractor has until 6pm to complete the collection, however Council can authorise collection after 6pm under certain circumstances.

If you think there should be no reason why your bins were not emptied, call us on (03) 5422 0333 to arrange collection or report it online.

Public holidays, Total Fire Ban and Catastrophic (Fire Danger Rating) days

Bins are not collected on Catastrophic (Fire Danger Rating) days and some public holidays. They are also collected earlier than usual on Total Fire Ban days. For details, see Collection Days.