Street sweeping

Council operates two types of street sweepers.

A smaller sweeper is used for footpaths and a larger sweeper is used in all towns that have gutters in the main street areas.

The footpath sweeper operates on a rotating sweeping program, sweeping townships weekly and other areas like footpaths on a monthly basis.

The larger road sweeper also operates on a routine program, sweeping within each township once a week. All gutters outside townships that can be swept mechanically are placed on a rotating roster so they get five sweeps per year.

The street sweeper operators start at 4 a.m. so that the streets and gutters are cleaned before vehicles start to park in the streets.

Autumn street sweeping

Autumn is a challenging time for the sweepers as leaves continue to drop for up to three months.

The sweeper can sweep a street or gutter in the morning and by the early afternoon it can appear as if nothing has been swept.

Our street sweeper operators work constantly to keep the streets clear but we really appreciate when residents can help by maintaining the small area around their nature strip and report large blockages to Council.

Report an issue

If you have a blocked drain or slippery footpath, you can report an issue online or call us on (03) 5422 0333.