Romsey soft plastics recycling trial

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Council is launching an innovative kerbside soft plastics recycling collection trial in Romsey on 7 November, 2022 to support the community to reduce waste and recycle more. 

2,246 kerbside properties in Romsey have been selected to participate in this trial to recycle their soft plastics by collecting them separately in the Council-supplied orange collection bag and placing it in the recycling bin (yellow lid) on collection day.

Residents and businesses will receive an information pack including a letter and 10 orange collection bags to use during the trial period.

Soft plastics collected in the trial will be sent to a specialist processor in Victoria to make new plastic products locally, creating a circular economy.

The 12-month trial is part of a national trial for a stewardship program led by the Australian Food & Grocery Council (AFGC) and funded by the Australian Government.

What can and can’t go in the orange bag?

Soft plastic packaging, such as bread, cereal, frozen vegetable and snack wrappers, bubble wrap and cling wrap are accepted. All soft plastic items accepted in the REDcycle service, bearing the REDcycle logo or the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) – Return to Store/Store drop-off symbol can go into the orange bag.

Do not include rigid plastic containers, lids, bread-tags, straws, balloons, compostable or biodegradable plastics.

For a complete list of items, refer to the REDcycle program

What to do?

Step 1: Fill the orange bag with your soft plastic packaging and when it’s full like a pillow, tie it securely closed.

Step 2: Put the full bag in your recycling bin (yellow lid) on your collection day

Remember, use only Council supplied orange bags for the soft plastics and it must be bagged, not loose.

Need more orange bags?

Orange bags can be purchased from Romsey transfer station or Romsey Hub Customer service centre at $3 per 10 bags if you run out of bags and wish to continue the trial. Alternatively, you can continue to take large and excess soft plastic to the local transfer station for free or take to participating supermarket drop off locations.

What happens next?

In February 2023, Council and the AFGC will invite residents and business owners of Romsey to complete a satisfaction survey. We will then look at options for an ongoing shire-wide service to support soft plastics recycling.

Meanwhile, all other residents and businesses of shire can use soft plastics recycling service at our transfer stations or the supermarkets.