Council committees

We have a range of advisory committees and committees of management that are responsible for Council facilities.

Advisory committees

Advisory committees help plan and develop services across specific areas of Council. Members are volunteers and committees may be a mix of residents, industry/sector specialists, Councillors and Council officers. 

Occasionally we establish internal advisory committees/working groups comprising solely of Councillors and officers to pursue specific issues.

The purpose of advisory committees is to: 

  • advise on program development and policy direction
  • provide information to Councillors
  • comment on issues relating to their area of expertise
  • develop and support committee members’ skills
  • develop partnerships between Councillors, participants and Council.

Current committees involving external people include:

Committees of management

Committees of management are appointed by Council and are responsible for running Council-owned or controlled facilities. They operate as Instruments of Delegation and are established under Section 86 of the Local Government Act. This sets out their power, functions and responsibilities in relation to each facility.

For more information, see: Managing a Council Facility.