Council elections


Council elections are held every four years in Victoria. In the Macedon Ranges, nine councillors are elected in total.

The last election was held in October 2016. The next election will be held on Saturday 24 October 2020. 

To find out who the 2020 candidates are, visit: Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC)

Under the Local Government Act 2020 (Vic) the Minister for Local Government will determine the voting system to be used for each general election. Votes are counted using the proportional counting system.

Elections are conducted by the VEC in accordance with the Act and the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2020.

You must be on the electoral roll if you are 18 or older, an Australian Citizen and have lived in Victoria for at least one month. Enrol by Friday 28 August, 4pm to be eligible for the Council elections in October. To enrol or update your details, visit VEC

For more information, email or call (03) 5422 0352.

Election period

The election period (sometimes referred to as the 'caretaker period') begins on the last day that nominations can be received and ends at 6pm on election day.

Our Election Period (Caretaker) Policy ensures that Council business continues throughout this period in a responsible and transparent manner. Please note that this policy has been updated to reflect the provisions and terminology of the Local Government Act 2020. This policy forms part of our Governance Rules.

Information request register

During the election period, all candidates (including current Councillors) have fair and transparent access to information relevant to their campaigns. As part of this transparency, we will maintain an information request register. This register will be a public document that lists all requests from Councillors and candidates that relate to electoral matters and non-routine requests for information, and the responses provided.

The Information Request Register(PDF, 179KB) will be updated regularly during the election period.

Key election dates for 2020

Date Event

Mandatory candidate training

Anyone wishing to run as a candidate in the 24 October 2020 general election must complete the e-learning module developed by Local Government Victoria (LGV).To complete the mandatory candidate training, visit LGV.


Local Women Leading Change candidate sessions (optional)

Various online sessions run by the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) for women interested in nominating as a candidate.

Friday 28 August 

Entitlement date

People must be on the State or local council roll by 4pm on this date to be eligible to vote at the election.

For more information on how to enrol or to check your enrolment, visit the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC).

Tuesday 15 September, 5pm

Candidate information sessions and interactive seminars(optional)

Session streamed online by the VEC.

Wednesday 16 September, 4pm 

Women on Council

Free online workshop for women in the Loddon Mallee Region run by the VLGA.

Tuesday 22 September 

Close of nominations

Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate must be nominated by 12 noon.
6–8 October 

Ballot packs are distributed

Ballot packs are distributed by post to every enrolled person in a random order over three days. 
Friday 23 October 

Close of voting

Ballot papers must be in the mail or in the hands of the Election Manager by 6pm. 

Candidate sessions and training

Safe campaigning guidelines

On 31 July 2020, LGV released safe campaigning guidelines for the candidates in this year’s general election. The guidelines provide details on permitted campaign activities, safety for campaign teams, basic hygiene and physical distancing.

Candidate handbook 

For more information on the nomination process, the VEC’s candidate handbook has now been published. 

The handbook provides important information on: eligibility and procedures; candidate statements; election campaigning material, voting and results, as well as election compliance and post-election activities. 

Mandatory training

For the 2020 election, anyone wishing to nominate as a candidate must complete a training session.

Local Government Victoria (LGV) has developed an elearning module for the delivery of mandatory candidate training sessions for the 24 October 2020 elections.

To complete the elearning module, visit LGV's candidate training.

If you have any questions about the mandatory candidate module, see: FAQ for candidates(DOCX, 2MB)

Nominating as a candidate

Persons who have completed the mandatory training and wish to nominate as a candidate must make an appointment to submit a hard copy of their nomination form to the VEC’s Election Manager. Further information about this process was available from the VEC.

Optional information sessions

Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC)

VEC candidate information sessions will not be conducted locally in person for the 2020 election. There was a candidate information video presentation available on the VEC website, complemented by three state-wide interactive candidate seminars based on the information session video.

Your Community, Country and Council (YCCC) live forums

Three optional online forums were hosted by Charles Pakana of Connection Matters Radio and VLGA CEO Kathryn Arndt. These sessions were free to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

For more information, visit the VLGA.

Local Women Leading Change sessions

VLGA delivered several Local Women Leading Change candidate sessions during July and August. For more information, visit VLGA.