Council elections


Council elections are held every four years in Victoria. In the Macedon Ranges, nine councillors are elected in total.

Under the Local Government Act 2020 (Vic) the Minister for Local Government will determine the voting system to be used for each general election. Votes are counted using the proportional counting system.

Elections are conducted by the VEC in accordance with the Act and the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2020.

You must be on the electoral roll if you are 18 or older, an Australian Citizen and have lived in Victoria for at least one month. To enrol or update your details, visit VEC

For more information, email or call (03) 5422 0352.

Election period

The election period (sometimes referred to as the 'caretaker period') begins on the last day that nominations can be received and ends at 6pm on election day.

Our Election Period (Caretaker) Policy ensures that Council business continues throughout this period in a responsible and transparent manner. Please note that this policy has been updated to reflect the provisions and terminology of the Local Government Act 2020. This policy forms part of our Governance Rules.

Campaign donations from 2020 election

Within 40 days after election day, all candidates must submit an election campaign donation return to the Chief Executive Officer. A summary of the 2020 election returns is listed below.

Election campaign donation returns are also available for inspection at the Kyneton Administration Centre during normal office hours for a period of four years from the date of receipt.

Name Declaration Gift made by Total value of gift
Deborah Alford-Kerr No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
JS Amenta No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
Jennifer Anderson No disclosable gifts n/a  n/a
Henry Bleeck No disclosable gifts  n/a n/a
Dominic Bonanno  No disclosable gifts n/a  n/a
Annette Death  Gift disclosed VTHC Candidate School $894.39
Adrian Gauci  No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
Natasha Gayfer  No disclosable gifts n/a  n/a
Rob Guthrie  No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
Anne Moore  No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
Geoff Neil No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
Janet Pearce Gift disclosed Kathy Mexted $200
Mark Ridgeway  No disclosable gifts n/a  n/a
Lenka Thompson  Gifts disclosed

Andrew Binns

Australian Greens Victoria—Macedon Ranges Branch

Australian Greens Victoria

Lenka Thompson





Wes Turner  Gift disclosed James Lantry—Telereach $269.70
Christine Walker  No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
Hayden Walsh  No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
Bill West  No disclosable gifts n/a n/a
Brian Wilson  Gifts disclosed

Irene Thompson

Ellenis Day Spa

Brian Wilson