Local laws

Under the Local Government Act 2020 (Victoria), Council has the authority to create and enforce local laws. 

Currently Council has adopted three local laws including the new Community Local Law 2023 – effective from 25 September 2023.

Community Local Law 2023

Community Local Law 2023(PDF, 2MB) covers activities that impact the amenity of our community, such as:

  • use of Council land and roads
  • roadside and footpath trading
  • requirements for open air burning and incinerators
  • the consumption of alcohol in public places
  • asset protection and other uses and activities on private and public land that require permits
  • animal keeping

It was developed following internal and external community consultation held as part of Council’s ten-year Local Law review.

Key points to note about Community Local Law 2023(PDF, 2MB):

  • burning in the open air now prohibited on land less than 2,000 square metres
  • broadening of accountability to include landowners – not just perpetrators
  • gambling advertisements now prohibited on Council land or on a road
  • new clause added regulating fireworks (conducted by a pyrotechnician) on private land, within strict conditions to protect amenity and animal welfare
  • heavy vehicle parking now prohibited on residential land 2,000 square meters or less
  • events, filming and busking now its own clause
  • smoke-free zones added to the Local Law, allowing Council to prescribe and declare smoke-free (including e-cigarette-free) zones
  • prohibiting collection of wood from Council land or a road
  • stricter regulations around:
    • unsightly and dangerous land and buildings
    • scare guns
    • building sites
    • shopping trolleys

Council strongly encourages all members of the community to familiarise themselves with the new local law, which was developed for the community.

A breach of the provisions within Community Local Law 2023 may result in issuing of legal notices to comply, infringements and/or prosecution.

Note: Community Local Law 2023 replaced Council's General Purposes and Amenity (Amendment) Local Law No.10 of 2019(PDF, 1MB) on 25 September 2023.

Governance Local Law 2021

The purpose of Governance Local Law 2021(PDF, 195KB) is to:

  1. revoke the existing Meeting Procedure Local Law No 11;
  2. regulate the use of Council’s common seal; and
  3. create offences in relation to conduct at meetings and the unauthorised use of the Council’s common seal.

Local Law No.12: Kyneton Airfield

Kyneton Airfield Local Law No. 12 of 2018(PDF, 2MB) was established to implement interim measures to assist with the safe operation of Kyneton Airfield. It aims to regulate and control potential hazards.