Domestic Animal Business Registration

All Domestic Animal Businesses such as pet shops, shelters/pounds, boarding kennels and breeding or training establishments must be registered with their local Council and comply with the appropriate mandatory Code of Practice.  To determine if you need to register as a Domestic Animal Business we recommend you visit Agriculture Victoria or contact Council for further information.

These types of businesses are regulated by the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (DAA), which is enforced by Council’s Local Laws unit, as well as public health and local planning laws.

Failure to register your business with Council and comply with the mandatory Code of Practice may result in fines, prosecutions and possible closure of your business.

How to apply               

Complete the Domestic Animal Business registration form(DOCX, 189KB) / registration form(PDF, 386KB) and submit with your application fee post or in person. Individual animals must also be registered with Council. You are required to submit a copy of your certificate of currency for your public liability insurance with the completed application form.

When you apply, Council will assess your application and arrange an inspection of your property to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation. Registration applications will only be considered for businesses that are compliant with planning and public health laws. Registrations may be issued with conditions and will only be issued to businesses that meet the requirements of the DAA and relevant Code of Practice.     

Your registration must be renewed annually. Renewal notices are sent out annually as a reminder. Random inspections may be carried out throughout the year to ensure ongoing compliance with legislative requirements. 

Animal Registration Fees

Fee name Cost

Boarding kennel, shelter/pound or training establishment      


Additional business type - boarding, pound, shelter or training establishment  


Breeding - up to 5 fertile female dogs / cats


Breeding - 6 to 10 fertile female dogs / cats


Breeding - 11 to 50 fertile female dogs / cats


Breeding - over 50 fertile female dogs / cats


Animal business registration late renewal fee (30+ days overdue)


Animal business non-compliant 1st re-inspection fee


Animal business non-compliant subsequent re-inspection fee