Glass-only bins


In Macedon Ranges Shire, glass does not belong in the recycling bin (yellow lid) and must be recycled separately in the glass-only bin (purple lid).

New 140 litre glass-only bins (purple lid) were delivered to all residents and businesses in February 2020.

Thank you for keeping glass out of your recycling bin (yellow lid). As of December 2021, 3683.05 tonnes of glass has been processed into aggregate for use in construction projects.

Find out your bin collection day

Your 140 litre glass-only bin will be collected every four weeks.

Your collection day and the bins you need to put out for collection each week depend on the area that you live in.

Search your address online to find out when your next bin collection day is and download a calendar.

What goes in your glass-only bin?

  • Glass bottles such as wine, beer, spirits, olive oil, etc
  • Glass jars and containers such as jam, pasta sauce, condiments etc
  • Labels can stay on. Please remove lids; small plastic lids can be placed in your general waste bin (red or dark green lid). Metal caps and lids can be placed in your recycling bin (yellow lid).
  • Empty and rinse glass; however it doesn't need to be spotless.

Do not put in your glass-only bin

  • General waste
  • Lids and bottle caps
  • Light globes, mirrors, perfume bottles, drinking glasses and window glass
  • Ceramics
  • Pyrex containers
  • Plastic bags

For more information, download our Let's get sorted guide(PDF, 1MB) or for a complete list, refer to our A-Z waste guide of what goes where

Can I use a liner in my bin?

Do not line this bin and do not put your glass in plastic bags before placing in your glass-only bin.

Glass bottles and jars must be loose or they will end up in landfill due to the soft plastic bag enclosing the glass.

Can you opt out?

No, there isn’t an option to opt-out. The new four bin service complies with the Victorian Government's 2020 Recycling Victoria: A New Economy which will see a standardised 4-bin waste and recycling system for households across the state by 2030. This is a vital step in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Macedon Ranges Shire Council is one of only a few councils currently leading the state in achieving the policy’s kerbside reform objectives.

Each property with a recycling bin (yellow lid) must have a glass-only bin on the premises to ensure no glass is put in a recycling bin.

Own a commercial property? 

Commercial properties that require multiple glass-only bins can order more online or by contacting our customer service team on (03) 5422 0333.

Putting your bin out correctly

  • Put your bin out the night before your collection day.
  • Leave a 1 metre gap between each bin and any obstructions, e.g. trees, cars, power poles.
  • Place bins close to the road with handles facing your property.
  • Ensure bins are closed.
  • Do not over fill bins or leave rubbish beside them. This will not be collected.
  • Bins must not weigh more than 80 kilograms when collected. 

Where does your waste go?

Glass collected from your glass-only bin will be taken to ASQ, and is reused in road construction materials.