Walking dogs off leash


As of 1 January 2020, Council's new Dog and Cat Order 2019 - Domestic Animals Act 1994(PDF, 831KB) (incorporating Schedules 1 and 2) requires:

  • dogs to be under effective control in public places
  • dogs to be leashed in all public places except in designated off leash areas.

It also:

  • prohibits dogs and cats from some public places for environmental reasons.

These changes have taken place as a result of extensive public consultation as part of the development of Council's Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021.

Where can I walk my dog?

Designated off-leash areas (no restrictions)

  • The Common, Nicholson Street, Carlsruhe
  • Sankey Reserve Open Space, Aitken Street, Gisborne
  • Dixon Field, 40 Roberston Street, Gisborne
  • Pleasant View Reserve, 22 Pleasant View Court, Gisborne
  • Worcester Road Reserve, 16 Worcester Road, Gisborne
  • Railton Court Reserve, 5A Railton Court, Gisborne
  • Willowbank Drainage Reserve, Fowler Court off, Gisborne
  • Stirling Way Reserve, 15 Stirling Way, Gisborne
  • Gisborne Fields, 12 Tovey Drive, Gisborne
  • Turanga Reserve, 16 Turanga Road, Gisborne
  • Gilligan Reserve 176 Millett Road, Gisborne South
  • Gas Works Park, 22-24 Mitchell Street, Kyneton
  • Oak Park, Powlett Street, Kyneton
  • Bolton Reserve, 1-17 Bolton Reserve Lane, Kyneton
  • Campaspe Views Reserve, 2 Campaspe Drive, Kyneton
  • Bluestone Rise Park, Quinn Crescent, Kyneton
  • James Patrick Way Reserve, 48-70 James Patrick Way, Lancefield
  • Centennial Park, Mount Macedon Road, Macedon
  • Arborteum, 92 Mollison Street, Malmsbury
  • Chessy Park Drive Reserve, 61 Chessy Park Drive, New Gisborne
  • Ross Watt Reserve, 214 Station Road, New Gisborne
  • Zeal Street Reserve, 8 Doremius Court, New Gisborne
  • Rangeview Park, 40-42 Rangeview Drive, Riddells Creek
  • Melcalfe Drive Reserve, Metcalf Drive, Romsey
  • Lomandra Reserve, 11a Newnham Drive, Romsey
  • Bowkett Close Reserve, 11 Bowkett Close, Romsey
  • Quahlee Park, 18 Barbara Street, Woodend
  • Lake Earnshaw Reserve, 1 Davy Street, Woodend
  • Campaspe Park, Wood Street off, Woodend
  • Peppermint Lane Reserve, 14 Reidwell Court, Woodend
  • Timber Lane Reserve, Black Wattle Lane, Woodend

Restricted off-leash areas

Off leash when sporting events are not in progress

  • Bullengarook Recreation Reserve, 683 Bacchus March Road, Bullengarook
  • Clarkefield Recreation Reserve, Station Street, Clarkefield
  • Darraweit Guim Recreation Reserve, Francis Lane, Darraweit Guim
  • Sankey Reserve, Station Road, Gisborne
  • Dixon Fields, 50 Robertson Street, Gisborne
  • Rollinson Reserve, 180 Redesdale Road, Kyneton
  • Barkly Square, Wedge Street, Kyneton  
  • Kyneton Showgrounds – East Oval, Cnr Beauchamp and Victoria Street, Kyneton
  • Hurrys Reserve, Mollison Street, Kyneton
  • Clifford Reserve, 55 Greene Street, Macedon
  • Tony Clarke Reserve, 37 Waterfalls Road, Macedon
  • Malmsbury Cricket Ground, Ellsemere Place, Malmsbury
  • Macedon Ranges Netball Arena, 153 Hamilton Road, New Gisborne
  • Riddells Creek Recreation, 26-32 Sutherlands Road, Riddells Creek
  • Racecourse Reserve Cricket, 1-27 Forest Street, Woodend
  • Racecourse Reserve Pony Club, 1-27 Forest Street, Woodend

 Off leash when events are not in progress

  • Gisborne Steam Park, 20 Webb Crescent, New Gisborne
  • I.R. Robertson Reserve, 340 Couangalt Road, Gisborne South

Off leash with restrictions - 7.30am-10am 7 days

  • Campaspe River Walk, Bridge to Bridge, Kyneton (off leash 7.30am-10am only)
  • Five Mile Creek West, Five Mile Creek West Riverwalk, Romsey

Off leash with restrictions - outside of school hours

  •  Park Street Road Reserve, Park Street Road Reserve, Lancefield

Off leash with restrictions - outside of school hours and when sporting events in progress

  • Tylden Oval, 1 Lowe Street, Tylden

Prohibited areas

  • Mount Gisborne Reserve, 198 Mount Gisborne Road, Gisborne
  • Malmsbury Common, 96 Mollison Street, Malmsbury
  • Gisborne Marshlands, Gisborne Steam Park, New Gisborne
  • Woodend Grassland, 1-27 Forest Street, Woodend
  • Hanging Rock Reserve, South Rock Road, Woodend

What is effective control?

On-leash areas

  • Dogs must be restrained using a leash, chain or cord attached to an appropriately fitted collar, harness, or halter, all of which must be in good condition.
  • A current Council registration tag must be worn by the dog.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to harass, interfere with, or behave in an anti-social manner toward another person or animal.
  • Dogs must not be left unattended (e.g. temporarily tethered in a public place). 

Off-leash areas

  • The owner / person in control must carry a leash, chain or cord that is in good condition and is able to be placed on the dog when necessary.
  • Dogs must wear an appropriately fitted collar, harness, or halter with a current Council registration tag attached.
  • The owner / person in control must actively supervise the dog and maintain a clear and unobstructed view of the dog at all times.
  • The dog remains within 50 metres of the owner / person in control so that it is in visual and audible range to allow for effective recall at any time.
  • Dogs must respond to recall commands and return to the owner / person in charge upon verbal command or hand signal.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to harass, intimidate, worry, or behave anti-socially toward another person or animal.
  • Dogs that attack or behave aggressively toward another person or animal must be immediately placed on a leash and removed from the off leash area.
  • Dogs must be restrained by leash when leaving the designated off leash area.